Khao Kheaw possesses an extremely large area of
forests with varieties of animals and plants. Thus, to possibly experience the most of Khao Kheaw, we prepare electric cars which leave Es-ta-te regularly everyday. A qualified tour guide will accompany you to make sure that you really get to know lively stories of Khao Kheaw.

  It is always adventurous to observe behaviour of animals at night. Observing animals at Khao Keow in safari-style atmosphere is very much different from other zoos. Come and be a part of this exciting activity which starts at 8PM everyday.

  B-B-Q dinner is considered a must-do activity when you go camping. With its own charm, we put this B-B-Q dinner as one of our highlights. The area with the best view of the lake is reserved for your dinner. Your remarkable experience is guaranteed, especially when you spend the moment with your friends and family.
  In the past, the measurement of learning efficiency of children is by IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test. Without an emphasis on EQ (Emotional Quotient), children can sometimes be stressful and face with emotional crisis. In many researches recently launched, it is proved that the development of EQ is as substantial as IQ's. To strengthen emotional balance of the children, activities such as meeting new friends and learning in a new environment should be introduced. Es-ta-te considers EQ development an important step for children. Therefore, we arranged EQ camp activities for children age 6-12. The activities consist of learning about camping, basic first aid knowledge, learning about nature and animals. These two-hour activities are supervised by our qualified staffs.

  Mountain Biking become more and more popular because of its challenging, fun, and adventurous characteristics. This activity is also considered a very good way to exercise. Within the area of Khao Keow, there are many cycling routes which are not too steep. Hence, the routes are suitable for beginners as well as those who are in this activity for a long time. We also provide you safety equipment and closed supervision by our staffs.

  Good news for golfers, various golf clubs are only a kilometre away from Es-ta-te. The golf clubs are as follows Khao Keow Country Club, Bang Phra Golf Club, Laem Chabang Internation Golf Club, and etc. For further information, please visit

  Varieties of short-distant natural routes at Khao Keow will let you truly experience one of the richest areas of biodiversity.
  With fully equipped function rooms, Es-ta-te is ideal for either conferences or parties. The function rooms locate on a hill amongst beautiful greenery. We also organise seminar acitivities for corporates, for instance, activities to develop management skills for executives and walk rally activities.

  Be amazed by the intelligence and loveliness of different kinds of animals such as Marquaw, hawks, Chimpanzy, and etc. After the show, enjoy taking photos with these cute actors and actresses.

  Apart from spectacular animals shows, you can get to know other animals which are ostriches and elephants closely by taking a ride on them.

  Imagine how excited you could possibly feel when feeding young animals, caring for them, and watching them grow... Animals adopted programme definitely gives you all these precious feelings with regular report on their growth. This programme aims to provide opportunity to nature-lovers in order to help us support wild animals conservation. This initiatives are very noble and considered a very memorable experience.